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Are you looking for a job in transportation and freight forwarding? We provide jobs and partnerships in TSL. Apply to IPL, we offer flexible contract selection.

Every day, we work together to achieve our goals, increasing our results.

You've come to the right place if you're looking for a place where you can spread your wings, always get the support you need, and ultimately earn more.

An atmosphere based on loyalty and partnership is a source of motivation in itself.

Join us and quickly see that this is the best decision!


Why Work at IPL?


About Working at IPL

IPL offers immense opportunities for development. Get to know the career paths of our employees.

Flexible Job Options

We want every employee to be able to focus 100% on their work in the most comfortable conditions. That's why we offer flexible collaboration options and the possibility of remote work.

Employment or B2B

The choice is yours! We always support our partners. We want you to be satisfied and not feel like you're working. It all depends solely on you. We'll discuss each of your ideas and surely find the best solution.

On-Site or Remote Work

Join IPL and start your career in one of our branches. If you prefer remote work, we also provide that option.

List of Headquarters